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Safe Load Program (SLP)

Safety specialists from the Australian oil industry developed the Safe Load Program (SLP). Terminal operators and trainers in the petroleum industry need the training to enter a fuel terminal or fuel depot safely in order to load a fuel tanker. Licenced drivers of bulk dangerous goods need the same training to safely drive tankers, trucks and other heavy load vehicles to move bulk fuels across the country.

Workplace Clearance Group (WPCG)

The Work Place Clearance Group (WPCG) is a joint venture between bp, Ampol Australia and Viva Energy Australia (the exclusive licensee of Shell branded Service Stations). The WPCG training/accreditations are required by anyone who needs to conduct work on one of the oil companies facilities. 

Metering and Calibration (NMI)

We verify reference standards and calibrate and certify instruments used for trade measurement, quality assurance and legal purposes. This includes mass standards and volume measures (e.g. for verifying the accuracy of fuel dispensers). The calibration of reference standards and measuring instruments provides confidence in the measurements undertaken.

Motor Vehicle Repairer

A motor vehicle repair business licence is required if you are an owner of a motor vehicle repair business, a self-employed motor vehicle repairer or operate a mobile repair business. Your premises, fixed and/or mobile, will also need to be authorised in order for you to operate from them. 

Dangerous Goods Compliance

A substance or article is a dangerous good if it is listed in the Australian Dangerous Goods (ADG) Code An accredited consultant must have a relevant degree in science or engineering. They need to demonstrate competency in risk assessment relevant to the dangerous goods Classes or Divisions for which accreditation is being sought.

Water Corporation Permit

There are specific guidelines for the disposal of trade waste from vehicle and machinery wash down areas. All businesses that intend to install or have a wash down area which is or will be connected to sewer are required to apply for approval to discharge trade waste. Wash down areas may require pre-treatment and metering installed. 


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